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Automatic Winding Machines


Fully automatic and semi-automatic winding equipment for high speed production of short rolls. The ALPHAMATIC range covers almost every material, from 50um LDPE to 10mm thick foams. Every machine is customised to the customer's requirements.


ALPHAMATIC  automatic winding machines are supplied with automatic core loading, tapeless attachment to the core, automatic cut off at preset length and roll closure with label or tape. Unloading is to simple operator table or onto conveyor feeding an automated packaging line.

ALPHAMATIC  rewinders make the winding process completely automatic for multiple product types. Single position winders offer improved cycle times below that of many turret rewinders and the full cycle is completely independent of any operator involvement. Each automatic winder is custom engineered to provide optimum benefit to the production process.

Winders can be supplied complete with roll unwind or without unwind for operation with a nonstop process such as extruder or coating line.