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Examples of slitter rewinder machines

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Automatic Turret Slitter Rewinders

ALPHAMATIC turret slitter rewinder

Alpha's turret slitting rewinding machines offers a fully flexible option to automatic rewinding. Fully automated or semi- automated versions are available. Designed for use with paper, laminates or films the machine can be supplied with varying levels of automation. Standard tapeless (cinching) start at the beginning of wind helps to prevent adhesive contamination in subsequent processes. Automated delivery out to a banding and printing head and automated unload of the finished roll is all achieved without any input from the operator.

Driven, shafted unwind machine

View of driven, shafted unwind (shaftless options available) with automatic core loading hopper and unload, printing cell.

Typical Specifications
ALPHAREEL - Web accumulator for non-stop production
Web width500 to 2,000 mm10 to 80 inches
Rewind diameter50 to 180 mm2 to 7 inches
Rewind core diameter50, 76 mm2, 3 inches
Unwind diameterTo 1,800 mm70 inches
Material thickness25 to 500 µm1 to 20 mils
Line speed (maximum)300 m/min900 ft/min
Operator interfaceColour touch screen
Typical Materials
Coated PaperFlooringsNon-wovens
FilmTextilesLabel stock

Standard Features

  • Fully automatic roll transfer
  • Tapeless (cinch) start on core
  • Centre winding
  • Precise tension control with torque controlled rewinding
  • PLC control with touch screen interface and comprehensive recipe and maintenance systems
  • Closed loop unwind tension control
  • Quality engineered and manufactured in UK.


  • Coreless rewinding
  • Rewind core sizes - 2" and 3"
  • Roll closure by tape
  • Roll closure by label
  • Roll start by tape
  • Slitting
  • Automatic knife setting system
  • Core and roll labelling
  • Discharge to conveyor
  • Auto bagging
  • Wrapping systems to customer specification
  • Label printing systems for cores, rolls and bags or boxes
  • Rewind unloading systems.
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