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Examples of web handling equipment

Alpha Converting Equipment Ltd.

16 Edison Road, Bedford MK41 0HU United Kingdom. Phone +44 (0)1234 607 005.

Converting Equipment Manufacturers

Established in 1999 Alpha are experts in the design and manufacture of converting equipment such as spooling machinery and slitting machines. Our machines are manufactured for the international converting industry but mainly used by printing and packaging companies across the world.

The team of specialists at Alpha all have years of experience assembling converting machines which includes equipment such as slitting machines, winding equipment, spooling machinery, salvage doctor machines, trim winders, and even bespoke converting equipment.

Over the years we have manufactured many different machines and equipment that are used for the converting industry. It all started with the high speed spooler which launched in 1999 to the more modern pieces of converting equipment like the automatic winder and the traversing spooler.

Spooling Machinery and Web Handling Technology Specialists

By focusing on web handling technology, Alpha Converting is now a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality equipment for the converting industry, offering application-specific design solutions for domestic and international markets.

Web handling is a very important part of the process when it comes to building our converting machines. Alpha can stand out from the rest in this process because due to our knowledge in both web handling and product handling it allows us to become stronger and manufacturer only the best converting equipment for our clients.

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