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Examples of unwind rewind machines

Alpha Converting Equipment Ltd.

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Custom Built Unwind Rewinders

ALPHAREEL custom unwinde rewind Alternate ALPHAREEL custom unwinde rewind configuration

ALPHAREEL winders can be configured for any application requiring the unwinding or rewinding of a web. Alpha Converting's engineering expertise in a wide range of material types and processes ensures the best winder for your application.

ALPHAREEL winders are of heavy duty construction for long life.

ALPHAREEL turret cantilevered unwind

Turret cantilevered unwind with flying splice web transfer for narrow web application.

Multi channel ALPHAREEL unwind stand

Multi channel unwind stand for narrow web with closed loop tension control and web guiding on every winder. Quick release chucks for rapid roll change.

ALPHAREEL Custom Built Winder
Web width1 to 3,500 mm0.04 to 140 inches
Roll diameter200 or 2,500 mm8 or 100 inches
Core diameterTo suitTo suit
Edge guideUp to ±250 mmUp to ±10 inches
Material thickness10 µm to 5 mm0.4 mils to 0.2 inches
Line speed (maximum)2000 m/min1,000 ft/min
Typical Materials
Film - OPP, PET, PE, PVCLaminatesPaper
PackagingSelf adhesiveLabel stock

Standard Features

  • Custom design to suit manufacturing line
  • Precision closed loop tension control
  • Edge guiding (web guide)
  • Quality engineered and manufactured in UK.


  • Shafted or shaftless
  • Precision pneumatic brake or AC drive
  • Automated roll handling
  • Line guiding
  • Multiple rolls
  • Non stop operation
  • Touch screen operator interface.


  • Almost anything!
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