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Examples of slitter rewinder machines

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Centre Slitter Rewinders

ALPHALAB centre slitter rewinder

The ALPHALAB slitter rewinder is a robust centre rewinder with cantilevered winding shafts suited to narrow width slitting and rewinding. The cantilevered winding shafts are rigid during running yet provide for fast unloading and can easily be integrated with a variety of unloading systems. The ALPHALAB can be supplied with twin differential rewinding shafts for sensitive films and foams or with single winding shaft suited to labelstock, papers and rotary die cutting applications. The touch screen operator interface has simple recipe systems for multiple material types and slitting parameters.

ALPHALAB alternate configuration

Cantilevered unwinding shaft for quick roll loading with stainless splicing table and Alpha auto latching "Quickclamps".

Detail of cantilevered unwinding shaft

Interchangeable rotary die cutting and slitting stations provide maximum flexibility with matrix stripping and rewinding with a single shaft winder.

ALPHALAB alternate configuration

Narrow width slitting with integrated coreless first winder to handle narrow trims.

ALPHALAB narrow trim model
Typical Specifications
Web width300 to 600 mm12 to 24 inches
Rewind diameter300 to 500 mm12 to 20 inches
Minimum rewind width12 mm0.5 inches
Rewind core diameter76 mm3 inches
Unwind diameter800 mm32 inches
Material thickness10 to 500 µm0.4 to 20 mils
Line speed (maximum)300 m/min1,000 ft/min
Operator interfaceMono touch screen
Typical Materials
Film - OPP, PET, PELaminatesPaper
Non-wovenAluminiumLabel stock

Standard Features

  • Cantilevered winding shafts for quick roll change
  • Precise tension control with spacer-less differential rewinding shafts
  • PLC control with touch screen interface and comprehensive recipe and maintenance systems
  • Closed loop unwind tension control
  • Quality engineered and manufactured in UK.


  • Automatic knife setting system
  • Pneumatic layon rolls
  • Integrated trim removal
  • Die cutting
  • Matrix rewinding
  • Laser core positioning
  • Single shaft rewinding
  • Ultrasonic edge guiding or line guiding.


  • Multiple knife systems (razor, score or shear)
  • Stainless construction for clean room or food grade installations
  • Powered roll push off
  • Die cutting of piece parts.
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